& Other Tales of Whimsy
OPEN FOR SUBS: May 1, 2017 

DEADLINE: JAN 1, 2018 (extended!)

PUBLISH DATE: April 2018 (approximately)

PAYMENT: ‘For The Love’ 

WORD COUNT: 8,000 max (if over, must be VERY VERY good)

SUBMIT TO: Pat Hauldren
UNICORN in the subject line.

​(if "unicorn" is not there, I might lose your submission. All submissions will be acknowledged in email as soon as possible.)
Whimsical speculative fiction tales of dark or delight are welcome in this anthology. We’re looking for something unusual, special, with a twist or turn, or lead us down a crooked alley. Does not need to be speculative fiction, as long as the whimsical theme applies, but spec fic is preferred.

And "whimsical" can be arbitrary, it can be dark, it can be gory, it can be just about anything, as long as it's GOOD.

Themed poetry will be considered. 

All docs should be DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, or Google Docs.

* Author keeps all rights to story. Upon submission, author gives permission to editor to publish submitted story in one anthology in all formats, The Space Unicorn Saw Its Shadow and Other Tales of Whimsy, in any format ONLY for this anthology. Author may buy unlimited “at cost” copies plus shipping.