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  1. FenCon
    Where: Westin DFW Airport
    When:SEP 22-24
    DFW science fiction literary convention. We won't have a table there but you'll find us there! Come say hi!
  2. FREE Webinar on Worldbuilding
    When: SAT SEP 16 @4:15pm CST
    WORLDBUILDING WIZARDRY--ADDING DEARTH AND DEPTH TO YOUR STORY--Join me Saturday, September 16th at 4:15pm CST at the 2017 SavvyAuthors Online Conference. Your world is as essential, important, and intriguing as your characters and should take as much or more time to create and develop. We'll discuss how to get started and what the "hot spots" are to keep your readers intrigued. Join us! It's FREE! Register here:
  3. FREE Intensive on Genre
    When: FRI-SUN SEP 15-17
    TROPES, TRIPS & TRAPS OF GENRE - Come join me online at 2017 SavvyAuthors Online Conference for a FREE 3-day learning intensive on genre and how to avoid those tricky tropes and traps that cause books to be boring and spice and liven up your writing with the right genre elements. Log in whenever you wish to read and post over 3 days. Register here:
  4. Ft. Worth Bookfest
    TCC Trinity River Campus
    SAT OCT 14
    We'll have a table at the Fort Worth Bookfest at TCC Trinity River Campus. The bookfest runs 3 days at various venues, Oct 12-15. Our table is Sat, Oct 14.
  5. CLASS: World Building Wizardry
    We'll discuss world building foundations every novel of any genre must have, and then we'll focus on particular genres and why solid world building is so essential at SavvyAuthors. To register: $5 off Early Registration Coupon-expires 1 week before class starts: WIZARDRYHAULDREN
  6. Tropes, Trips & Traps of Genre
    Don't fall for those tricky tricks and traps of genre writing that make your readers groan and moan. Grab their attention. Rivet them to your story using genre tropes and elements to their max. Your readers will never put your book down until fin! $5 off Early Registration Coupon-expires 1 week before class starts: TRICKSTROPES
  7. Dallas Fan Days
    Irving Convention Center
    OCT 20-22
    Come join us at our table at Dallas Fan Days!